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  This book starts in the year 493 in Britain. It’s about the life of King Arthur. When he was born, his father,  King Uther decided that for the security of his son he wouldn’t grow up in the court, instead he was given to a knight and his wife.

  Years later when King Uther died Britain didn’t have a king. Merlín, the magician, said: The man that pulls the Excalibur sword out off the rock will be the new king. Arthur was there with his adoptive father, he tried to pull the sword and he did it, in that moment, he became the king of Britain.

  The first years of Arthur’s reign were difficult.He fought with his enemies, he suffered many attacks…

 If you want to know how this story continues read the book “The King Arthur”.


  In general, we think that this book is very interesting and the story is intriguing because it’s about the adventures that King Arthur lived.

  Even though it’s not the type of book we like the most, in our opinion, it’s useful for learning English and starting reading in this language.

  It has different activities about the story that you can use to improve your vocabulary and grammar. We like it and we really recommend it.

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