jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2022

William Tell and Other Stories



William Tell lives near lake Lucerne in Switzerland with his son Carl. Baron Gessler demands that the people mustbow. William Tell refusew this. The Baron says that to save himself from death he must shoot an  aprow at the apple placed on his sons head.

William manages to hit the apple. Gessler asks what he had two arrows for, William replies by saying that the leftover arrow was for him. Gess and his guards take William to about, this time later he rashes in to some rooks. William is saved from the impact and takes the opportunity to shoot the arrow at Gessler, who dies in the lake.


To us the book is boring but the other persons this book can be entertaining, We don’t like it because there are many histories and ther don’t have details. 

Por Yumalay e Álvaro, 2º ESO

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